Sheet Metal

Black Metal Sheet

They are flat steels in the form of rolls or sheets obtained by hot rolling the rectangular semi
product, which is called slab and which is formed as a result of the solidification of the liquid steel by continuous casting method, in the hot rolling mill.

D.K.P Sheets

*(Cold Rolled Sheet)
*0.40 mm – 2.00 mm in rolls or packages
*Roll : 1000,1200,1250 mm standard or miscellaneous
*Package: 1000x2000 – 1250x2500 standard or various sizes
*Ereğli, Ukraine, Romania and other European origin 1st and 2nd quality sheets

Checkered Sheets

Sheets with pattern application such as Baklava or Tear Drops, which are made by heating sheet and plate sheets to 900 C and cutting them into sizes suitable for the demand by passing the rollers suitable for the desired form.

Galvanized Sheets

HR is produced in different wall thicknesses (height or depth of the steel piece) by processing iron ore and/or scrap in high temperature furnaces. HR, also called hot rolled sheet, is the starting form of flat steel products. DKP is obtained by cleaning, aging and rewinding by pickling after uncoiling of HR, which is sold in rolls.
Cold rolled sheet, called FH, is obtained after the rolling process (thinning the sheet by stretching on one side and pressing on the other), in which the product acquires physical and mechanical properties from DKP. In order to bring the FH grain (molecule) size and mechanical properties to the desired level, it is subjected to heat treatment for 72-80 hours in annealing furnaces, and the cold sheet called CR is obtained by thinning at a low rate (5-10%) in order to gain the final surface and mechanical properties. CR is a product that is mostly traded in rolls, thinned in different wall thicknesses and can easily rust if not stored under appropriate conditions. Cold rolled products are not resistant to rust. Therefore, corrosion protection is provided by the metal plating of the CR.
Galvanized sheet is obtained by zinc coating of CR and tin is obtained by tin coating. Electrogalvanizing and/or hot dipping method is used in the production of galvanized sheet. After the CR has been produced or the galvanizing process has been carried out, the sheet has to be cut on demand.
Features of Galvanized Sheet are Long-lasting, Zinc coating does not spill when folded, It is suitable for deep drawing and plastering, It holds solder easily, it can be painted very easily, it is fire resistant, it is economical, practical and resistant to all kinds of external factors.
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