DIN 2394 , TS EN 10305-3, TS EN 10219-2 as standard, in accordance with the norms DC01 (DIN EN 10130), S185, S235JR/J0/J2, S275JR/J0/J2,
S355JR/J0/J2 (DIN EN 10025) It is manufactured from quality steel bands with high frequency welding (ERW).

Production Range

Outer Diameter : Ø12 mm - 114 mm
Wall Thickness : 2.00 mm - 6.00 mm
Size : The standard length is 6 meters, and it can be delivered in lengths between 4 and 12 meters depending on the pipe diameter in special orders..

Usage areas

Industrial pipes find use in almost all production areas of the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Production Standards

DIN 2394 - TS EN 10305-3 - TS EN 10219-2
Ø26.9- 33.7- 42.4- 48.3- 60.3 mm,
Et kalınlığı 2.00-3.00 mm

Usage areas

Building scaffolding, formwork system, steel constructions, agricultural sector (greenhouse) for irrigation purposes and roof systems


Pipes are painted in tile color with water-based primer paint.
Dimensions Ø32-89 mm , wall thickness 2,00- 4,00

Usage areas

Uses for construction purposes


Pipes are galvanized as hot dip galvanized upon request.Usage areas It can be used on all products that may be exposed to corrosion (oxidation).CONSTRUCTION PIPES Usage areas It is used in the construction of residential and industrial buildings, in the manufacture of machinery and agricultural equipment, in all areas where steel construction is used. Production Range Yuvarlaklar : Ø114,3 mm - 219,1 mm çapları arası Et Kalınlığı : 3 mm'den 8 mm kadar istenen et kalınlıklarında üretim yapılabilir. Boy : Standart boy 6 metre olup, özel siparişlerde 4 ile 12 metre arası boylarda teslim edilebilmektedir.Production Standards TS EN 10219-2 - ASTM A-500INSTALLATION PIPES Natural gas pipes Galvanized and black sleeved and uncoupled water pipes.
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